Developing Elite Performers: Combining Baseball Skill and Athletic Training

Comprehensive Training Approach by a Professional Instructor

Technology for Instant Feedback and Development

Proven Results for Over 50+ College and Pro Athletes

Committed to Development

Training Tailored to You

At Rossy's Training every program we create is unique to the athlete, their goals, and their specific needs.

Personalized Training for each of our athletes

Tailored Training, Exceptional Results: Experience Personalized Programs Designed Specifically for Your Unique Abilities and Goals, Fueling Your Path to Success. Unlock Your True Potential with Customized Coaching and Targeted Skill Development.

pitcher throwing a pitch

A Facility designed for development

Unlock Growth in Our Purpose-Built Space: Immerse Yourself in a Facility Expertly Crafted to Foster Skill Advancement and Physical Progress, Empowering Athletes to Reach New Heights. Thrive in an Environment Built for Success, and Watch Your Performance Soar.

players training inside facility

Proven results based on data and performance

Empirical Evidence, Tangible Success: Witness Your Growth and Achievements with Our Data-Driven Approach, Providing Concrete Performance Metrics and Proven Results. Trust in Our System as You Become the Best Version of Yourself on the Field.

coach and athlete looking at data from trackman

High energy and motivated atmosphere that breeds development

Thrive in a Charged Atmosphere: Immerse Yourself in a High-Energy, Motivating Environment that Encourages Progress and Propels Athletes Toward Success. Experience the Power of Positivity and Dedication as You Reach New Heights in Your Development.

athletes being coached in facility, proteus machine
pitcher throwing a pitch players training inside facilitycoach and athlete looking at data from trackmanathletes being coached in facility, proteus machine

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